Two dots = Two eyes
For word dot 2
Letter D + Protractor Ruler + Laugh/mouth
For word Shape
Dot is the first fundamental of design. It is the beginning and the end of everything. The dot has magnificently created every matter.
It’s more than just our name. We apply a lean, agile proven approach to all our projects - flexible enough to overcome any business challenge you can throw at us.

"In 2013 we formed dot2shape out of our passion for digital product design and we haven't stood still since 'founded back in 2013 during the final year of a university degree, dot2shape began life as a humble duo. The vision was to create a digital studio with experiences that work for the people that matter.

Fast forward to the modern-day and the professional team at our remote studio are now providing successful digital innovations to an ever-increasing roster of national and foreign customers.

Ali Aziz

"In 2013 we founded dot2shape out of our passion for digital technology and we haven't stood still since"

Why partner with us?
We love what we do

Ask someone, we enjoy what we're doing. We are excited about our business and have proved that we are capable of delivering real results, allowing our customers to evolve, attract and retain clients.

Your customer is our customer

We're offering the solution that your consumers need, not just the one you think you want. We are trying to question a brief that we are building on everything we do.

We build partnerships

We're not 'winning' clients. We are creating relationships. Each project is a process of close and continuous cooperation, constantly communicating progress, and exchanging ideas.

Our process is proven

We regularly use digital technologies and validated working methodologies to execute projects in an engaging and productive manner. There's no bloat in the process.









A bunch of creative rebels who believe design can empower people, businesses, society, and the world at large.

Have an Idea?

We'd love to build something amazing together..

Our Development Studio

We are Digital Developers,
ready to help you build web,
mobile, and desktop apps.

Lineheights, a flourishing modern digital marketing agency in Pakistan was founded by a group of digital marketing experts with a common aim to revolutionize the Digital Marketing Industry of Pakistan. Currently, digital marketing has the biggest scope in Pakistan as it is just beginning to attract major companies. However, developer’s aim is to make this facility accessible to the small and medium businesses and help their business expand tremendously.